Being a Leading Private Hospital with Excellent Service
in the eastern region of Bali in the year of 2015

1 Conducting a professional health care to achieve an excellent service;
2 To develop and build professional and committed Human Resources (HR);
3 To develop infrastructure and hospital equipment that support an excellent service;
4 To manage the effective and efficient Financial and Hospital Assets;
5 Socializing and market the Hospital Products, both internal and external;
6 Creating a safe, convenient and conducive Hospital Environment.

Ari Canti Hospital’s motto is “Serving With Canti” which means providing medical care that can deliver peace in the hearts of each patient, so that the service provided must be:
Love: Serving with a sincere and full of compassion;
Safe: Serving with emphasis on patient safety based on the standard of medical care.
Convenient: The hospital environment is clean, lovely, beautiful and orderly atmosphere also with sense of kinship.
Skillful: Serve with professional, effective and efficient.
Innovative: Services that always evolving, following the science and technology of modern healthcare.